Launching a new academic program is fraught with unknowns and tough choices. From initial research to approval, marketing, recruiting, and launch, there are many paths to take and many possible outcomes. There are also a number of risks.

Clayton Dean

“Our goal is to help our clients gather the best intelligence possible to make the best decisions about what to take online, and we do this by carefully and fully studying the marketplace.”

— Clayton Dean, COO and co-founder


Adding new degree programs is an important component of an academic institution’s effort to grow and modernize. To launch a successful program and offer the best possible experience for students, college and university leaders must fully understand the competitive environment, projected costs, and marketing opportunities, as well as other factors. However, many institutions lack the resources to properly analyze the market on their own, limiting their ability to adapt to students’ evolving needs.


Leveraging more than a decade of experience in higher education market research, we provide valuable market insights to help our academic partners measure demand before launching a new program. We use advanced analytics tools to survey the competitive landscape, break down costs, and gauge consumer interest across a variety of online platforms, including social media channels. By examining the market from every possible angle, we help colleges and universities make smarter institutional decisions and market to their target audiences more effectively.