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Learn How Circa Interactive’s Faculty-Centric Digital PR Approach Generated Over $370,000 in Media and Search Engine Exposure for a California Law School.


California Western School of Law (CWSL) was underutilizing the voices of esteemed faculty thought leaders outside of the local San Diego market. CWSL looked to Circa Interactive’s digital PR team to amplify faculty voices on current social justice issues in our country in order to elevate the law school’s thought leadership and brand recognition.


Understanding the challenges facing CWSL, Circa Interactive deployed a robust digital PR campaign. We partnered with 10 CWSL faculty members in order to expand the school’s reputation as a national thought leader and participant in important discussions about the preeminent legal and social justice issues of our time while also building quality backlinks for SEO that influence search rankings and act as vital trust signals for Google.

Through our 17-month digital PR campaign, Circa Interactive:

By leveraging CWSL faculty members and understanding their passions and expertise, Circa Interactive showcased the school’s voice to address the world’s most prominent events, such as the rise of the #MeToo movement, the devastating impact of school shootings, and the continued efforts to end racial bias in business.


Circa takes great pride in the personal and working relationships that we establish with faculty, and the following feedback reflects our passion for helping the schools and people we work with to succeed.

Leslie Culver

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Circa Interactive. Their commitment to my work was crucial in expanding my voice beyond the four corners of my institution. Prior to their involvement with our institution’s media relations team, I had never received any opportunities to have my voice heard. After their onboarding, however, Circa took the time to learn about my scholarship and my passions and expertly crafted a narrative for me as an identity and diversity expert that really opened numerous opportunities for me to expand my work in meaningful ways. Due to their diligence, I had interviews with Vox, CNN Business, The Washington Post, Mic, and CNBC. None of these opportunities would have occurred without their expertise. For that, I am indebted.”

Leslie Culver, identity and diversity expert and professor at California Western School of Law