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The Circa Interactive Top 5 Articles in Higher Education Marketing: September 14 – October 2

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1)How LinkedIn University Pages Can Benefit Your School

Noelle Schuck discusses LinkedIn’s “University Pages” and how to make effective use of them.
[via .eduGuru]

2) Reputation management in higher education: a list of website where are all the kids go

Ever think about reputation management in higher education?  Well, these days it can play an important role for higher education as well – especially as the most connected classes incoming classes of students make their way to campus.
[via uofadmissionsmarketing.com]

3) Public or Private College.  Is the Outcome Any Different?

Not a marketing article, but an interesting higher education article nonetheless.  Higher education is becoming increasingly more expensive and the choice between public or private colleges can be the difference in thousands.
[via Forbes]

4) CRM in higher education: the secret guide

CRM’s are crucial for marketing success, yet many colleges and universities don’t even use them.  Learn more about CRMs here and why you  need a formalized contingency plan.  If you haven’t read parts I, II, and III be sure to do so!
[via uofadmissionsmarketing.com]

5) SEO for #higher ed: Practical Tips from Joshua Dodson

Great resource for colleges and universities looking to increase search engine visibility and web traffic.
[via collegewebeditor.com]  

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