The Power of Storytelling: Use Story to Create Your Digital Brand Strategy

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In an ever-evolving digital and technical world, the marketing game has changed considerably. However, content still remains king in digital marketing. Businesses are now needing to go above and beyond to properly connect to audiences.
Being able to craft compelling copy, utilize language, and put together words with effective storytelling techniques will win attention for your content. When stories are delivered right, it can attract consumers and easily grow an audience.
A new marketing mindset is transforming how we sell and do business, making it necessary to utilize story to captivate audiences and develop brand awareness.
The power of story lets consumers go on a journey and connects meaning on new levels. By building brand trust, and creatively communicating, consumers are more willing to follow your mission. A developed marketing and branding strategy allows content to be seamlessly interwoven and written with a purpose to strengthen brand identity.
Before developing a search engine optimization strategy and taking initiative to rank in Google, digital marketers need to properly develop a cohesive internal brand story and craft a well thought out digital marketing plan and content strategy.
At Circa Interactive, we love to use creative storytelling to help marketing initiatives for higher education. Our education marketing strategies focus on storytelling to improve the enrollment lifecycle.

Develop your content marketing strategy with the power of storytelling:

The Power of Storytelling

Know Your ‘Why’ and Include it in Storytelling

Before executing a content plan, establish a personal and professional ‘why’ behind what you’re doing, and know what you wish to accomplish. Without knowing your ‘why’, you’re missing the heart of storytelling. Stories are developed in order to educate and communicate an idea. Your ‘why’ gives insights to your audience about what you stand for and is the underlying reason you create what you do.
The ‘why’ fuels everything; the story you tell, brand strategy, the digital plan, the clients you take on, and more. Always consider how your business purpose impacts people, clients, and society on a larger scale. Connecting to the ‘why’ fuels new passions and drives more meaning and success with everything you do.
At Circa Interactive, we created a story for American University that showcased education and directly spoke to our ‘why’ of inspiring people to get educated. We appealed to prospective students utilizing history and made a story with visuals that people can connect to and care about.

American University’s School of Education’s mission is to better society and build a stronger democracy by creating an equal access to an excellent education.By playing on the theme of education, our team was able to create a story using the theme “Raise Your Hand” to invoke emotion and create a call to action for those that are inspired to make a difference in education.

Tell Your Own Story to Develop Your Brand

When scripted correctly, the story and content created can communicate a brand’s motives, values, and perspectives. Your brand’s story delivers transparency and builds trust through the values portrayed. Psychology tells us people are more interested in investing in businesses and brands they stand for and can relate to. Therefore, it’s vital businesses develop their story in addition to helping clients develop better stories.
A brand’s unique story is what ultimately wins consumers over. Getting clear on your company’s internal purpose and values can effectively help people connect to who you are and what you’re doing. People always want to know who they are buying from and what they are supporting. It’s imperative brands take time to develop their story and clearly brand themselves well.
When done well, branding builds the foundation, structures your story, and becomes the backbone and DNA of your whole business. You can gain followers, supporters, connections, and new relationships easier by sharing your story and letting people know why you do what you do. Your brand’s overall image, and the passion behind it, creates more success and gets you known.
At Circa, we wanted to improve how we showcase ourselves, so we rebranded our website and took efforts to better convey who we are, what we do, and share more about the people and ‘why’ behind our brand:
Circa Interactive's New Branding

Create Killer Content and Tell a Story That Is Appealing

In a world that is filled with distractions and media overload, brands need to go the extra mile to be seen. It’s imperative their content strategy aligns with a bigger story in order to stand out. Utilizing storytelling to showcase who you are, your passion, the characters behind the brand, and your ultimate purpose, and more, builds brand trust.
The power of story in content creation genuinely conveys to audiences what you’re about and why others should connect with you. Be willing to write in clever, unique ways and consider how it adds value. Garner more engagement by educating consumers through storytelling and sharing your own authentic story.
Long term ROI is made possible by consistently knowing what you’re putting on the web, how it’s assisting clients, and promoting yourself. The content shared and the stories told online correspond directly to the audience you attract and profits you can create. Let your content speak to audiences in creative ways and develop a strategy that can gain lifelong followers. Marketing becomes more efficient and seamless when developed with intention and a cohesive strategy that integrates the power of storytelling to showcase your whole mission.
Circa Interactive works with higher education clients, and we create informative content and infographics to attract audiences and interest prospective students. Our informative infographics educate others and highlight relevant topics that can promote our Universities and educate audiences.
This infographic from American University Online correlates directly with education and has informative information that relates to higher education. The content is interesting and connects American University’s mission of an equal access to education with the trending subject of futuristic education technology.

Credit: American University School of Education Online

Power Your Story and Brand Strategy with Creativity

To be effective in digital marketing, businesses need innovative employees who can intuitively connect content, images, and meaning. Creative thinkers will lead the future of marketing by using storytelling techniques effectively. Without empathy and the ability to unite words and media in artistic forms to catch eyes, you’ll miss out on making a connection with your ideal target audience. Successful marketing campaigns are able to leave consumers with something to remember and evoke deeper meaning that speaks to their desires and connects to their ‘why’.
Take risks with content and be willing to alter strategies. Write your message in meaningful ways and consider what you want your reader to learn. Think beyond what others are doing, form a perspective, and utilize creative thinking to solve problems and innovate. Ask yourself what you can do to be different and get noticed. By shifting ideas of what marketing is, companies can expand their efforts through adopting new tactics, and creating killer content with a thoughtful strategy that makes an impact.

Beyond Powerful Storytelling, Connection Matters

Storytelling adds value and inspires people. All communication efforts serve to convey your story, convey your underlying ‘why’, and highlight your brand. Always remember the problem you’re solving, the audience you are striving to connect to, and the ‘why’ behind your actions and words. Hold values that emulate your internal brand’s story and stick to them. People are ultimately attracted to brands based on how well they can live their story, and have integrity in aligning with it and sharing it well.
Let your mark on the digital world be one of meaning, connection, and exquisitely crafted digital content that shows your brand, educates, and inspires. Your story matters. Make sure you are able to write it well, share it so others can connect with it, and engage successfully.
Circa’s creative director, Joe, and the co-founder, Clayton, share their insight about storytelling and ways to use story to connect to audiences in higher education:

The Power of Storytelling Full Webinar

Kali Bills from Circa Interactive
Kali is passionate about digital marketing strategies and loves to utilize her creative and analytical skills in businesses. She studied business marketing and minored in photography and graphic communication at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Kali loves studying storytelling, writing, and utilizing her communication and artistic skills to educate and innovate. She currently helps Circa Interactive in content strategy and analysis, and works on the SEO team. Connect with Kali on LinkedIn.

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