2014 is coming to an end and what a year it has been.  Through the many Google algorithm updates and new challenges around every turn in the world of higher education marketing, the Circa Interactive team here at the Higher Ed Marketing Journal has covered many of the issues, tips, and best practices to help guide you through the many twists and turns.  We’ve put together a six of our favorites in case you missed them – please share and enjoy!


1) Joseph Lapin discusses how, through structured and faculty-centered storytelling, higher ed marketers can build content that the best publications in the country will want to publish in order to build links and increase program visibility.


2) In this three part series, Robert Lee, Circa Interactive’s co-founder and CEO, discusses the use of landing pages and the best practices for conversion optimization in higher education.


3) Caroline Khalili, Circa Interactive’s Digital PR and Marketing Specialist, outlines the five essential social media tools your marketing team should be leveraging to take your visual content to the next level.


4) Scott Levine, Circa Interactive’s VP of Research digs deep into the importance of instructional design and well-conceived, content-rich courses can pay big dividends in attracting new students, engaging current students, and possibly helping improve retention as well.


5) Circa Interactive’s lead designer and social media expert Jordan Opel offers you his five tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts on Twitter.


6) Clayton Dean, Circa Interactive’s co-founder and managing director will show you in this post how you to can increase your lead flow to all new levels through the implementation of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.


Happy Holidays and New Year from the team at Circa Interactive.  See you in 2015!

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