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Fred’s Favorite University Infographics – Health Edition

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As a digital marketer working with dozens of universities across the United States, I help design, research, and distribute infographics across numerous industry niches. With goals of branding, increasing traffic, and SEO link building, infographics must be carefully crafted and well polished in order to be successful.
Earlier this year I selected my four favorite business-themed infographics created by U.S. universities. In that post I highlighted graphics from the University of Vermont, Abilene Christian University, University of Scranton, and New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Today I am sharing my favorite university-created infographics with a health focus. With the ever-increasing research and conversation surrounding such areas as electronic health records, bioinformatics, and healthcare reform, the health industry has a wealth of opportunity for successful infographics.

Here are a few qualities I like to find in a well-crafted infographic:
  • Engaging and unique topic
  • Researched and organized data points
  • Storytelling throughout the graphic
  • Clean design and data visualizations

While four infographics made this list, many did not. Two aspects of unsuccessful infographics are poor design elements and hyper promotional content. In the world of university program specific infographics, being overly promotional is a turnoff to many potential publishers and sharers. Nobody likes hearing a person or brand bragging and the same goes with infographics.
Secondly, poor color choices and sloppy design can make even the best of topics hard to chew. Sometimes the data points and content of an infographic can be dry, and it is up to a creative designer to make this information consumable. To help liven up dry content, a designer can use icons, charts and graphs. Strategic use of colors, bolding, and subheadings can also help. It is the designer’s job to guide the reader’s eyes through the flow of the graphic.
Without further ado, here are Fred’s Favorite University Infographics: Health Edition.

Adelphi University Master of Healthcare Informatics Online

Telemedicine and Health Informatics Career Opportunities
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.13.36 AM
Enter the full infographic here:
When a university creates content surrounding careers, it is easy to fall in the overly promotional trap. This Adelphi University program does a fine job of objectively listing facts and statistics surrounding these health tech careers. Here are a few of the positives of this graphic:

  • The title image of this graphic is fantastic with a simple, high-tech design. The title image creatively adds to the overall message of the technical career growth in health care.
  • The story of this graphic has a powerful flow. Beginning with technology growth and moving into job opportunities, the graphic finishes up with an interesting segment on health care disparity in U.S. rural areas.
  • Strong data points back up all claims in the graphic and help tell the vital story of career opportunities in this developing industry.

New Jersey Institute of Technology Online Master of Computer Science

Bioinformatics: How Computer Science in Changing Biology
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.14.43 AM
Enter the full infographic here:
It might seem strange seeing a computer science program’s infographic in this list. The convergence of computer science and health makes the content of this graphic powerful and highly relevant in the current health care industry. Here are some favorable aspects to this NJIT infographic:

  • The topic and research behind this graphic is revolutionary and very newsworthy. This aspect is very important in the distribution stage.
  • Imagery usage throughout helps make complex points easier to understand. The images accompanying the genome information help the reader visualize the complex information.

University of Florida Distance Learning Doctor of Pharmacy

Acetaminophen: Still the Safest Way to Alleviate Pain?
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.15.36 AM
Enter the full infographic here:
The design of this graphic is unique in the sense of the wider dimensions than is generally seen. This dimension alteration allows for different visualization of data, including a short and powerful title. This graphic made the list for a few reasons:

  • The newsworthy and edgy topic of this graphic makes it very shareable. Any piece of content that challenges the pharmaceutical industry with hard data is bound to be of interest to individuals online.
  • This graphic has a clean design that complements the wider dimensions. The content is at times in three columns and design elements help guide the reader’s eyes through data sets and statistics.

Norwich University Master of Science in Nursing Online

Leadership and Hierarchy in Hospitals
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.16.33 AM
Enter the full infographic here:
Norwich University constructed this thought provoking infographic that challenges the hierarchy of hospitals in a variety of ways. The graphic paints a not so pretty picture of U.S. hospital CEO demographics, which are dominated by males sometimes with little-to-no health care sector experience. This eye opening infographic made the list for the following reasons:

  • The first section of the graphic is beautifully designed. At times, designers are faced with visualizing large blocks of text. The geared approach and icons help make this section consumable to the viewer.
  • As with other great infographics, the content is full of impressive data points. Percentages, charts and graphics are important pieces to infographics, and this clean research sets the designer up for success.

That wraps it up for this edition of Fred’s Favorite University Infographics. Keep an eye out for next time when I dive into the field of criminal justice and locate my favorite four graphics created by universities and their marketing teams. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @FredHigherEd

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