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Fred’s Favorite University Infographics: Business Edition

By March 17, 2015 No Comments

There’s no denying the power of well designed and carefully distributed infographics in higher education Internet marketing. These visuals are mighty tools for link building, driving traffic, and building a university’s brand. To take a step back as to how to define an infographic, I asked
In the simplest terms, the definition above describes an infographic. When considering an infographic in terms of marketing, think infoposter. They are much more than simply charts and diagrams. I would add to the quote above, “A good infographic makes a thousand words feel like a hundred words.”
While it is easy to point out flaws in an infographic, it is harder to establish what exactly makes a good infographic. Here is an excellent creation guide: How to Make an Infographic Work. Also, here are a few qualities I look for in a well-designed infographic:

  • Newsworthy and interesting topic
  • Engaging and well designed title
  • Researched and organized data points
  • Storytelling throughout the graphic
  • Clean design and data set visualizations

Enough rambling, let’s jump right into my five favorite business infographics created by a few universities and their marketing teams. The following graphics fall under the business niche. Enjoy!

University of Vermont’s Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA
A Look at Sustainable Global Business

This well designed infographic from UVM made my list of favorites for a number of reasons:

  • The companies listed and facts given are on point. The research behind the six company’s sustainable efforts is informative and impactful.
  • The design and data organization makes the information flow smoothly with clear visualization of data sets.
  • The color scheme complements the content with beautiful green color palette.

Enter the full graphic here:

Abilene Christian University Master’s in Conflict Resolution
9 Rules for Managing Conflict at Work

We’ve all seen floods of list-style infographics. In my eyes, there are a few factors as to why this one makes the cut:

  • Clear organization of data points. The nine rules are very consumable and have specific data points for support.
  • Hierarchy of information allows the viewer to read deeper into each point as they choose.
  • Strong design and image choices that allow the reader to consume the main points effortlessly.

Enter the full graphic here:

University of Scranton MBA
Targeting Your MBA Specialization

While scratching the surface of self-promotion, this well crafted infographic made the list because of these key points:

  • Clean data visualization that eases the viewer into the more detailed content later in the graphic. Note the snippet seen above.
  • Informative, research-backed content. This graphic’s strength lies in its description of exact careers and salaries backed by reputable sources.
  • Very relevant to an audience of prospective students. Students want to know this information, often doing the research themselves, and this is a highly consumable presentation of the facts.

Enter the full graphic here:

New Jersey Institute of Technology MBA
Too Big to Fail: The Five Largest Financial Institutions

While a little text heavy in some spots, this graphic made the list for the following reasons:

  • Newsworthy, edgy, and engaging content. An unbiased graphic of the power and effect of the U.S. banking system is a powerful tool.
  • Clean design of differing sections and consumable data visualizations throughout the graphic.
  • Research backed data points from reputable sources across the Internet add to the power of the graphic.

Enter the full infographic here:
That wraps it up for this edition of Fred’s Favorite Higher Ed Infographics. Stay tuned next time as I dive into infographics from nursing and health programs and we see which ones make the cut. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter @FredHigherEd
The team I work with at Circa Interactive researches and creates infographics for colleges and universities across the country. Would you like to create a compelling infographic but lack the internal resources to do so? Give us a shout, we’d be happy to help.

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