Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks for Boosted Posts

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Getting started with advertising on Facebook can be intimidating–especially for those with lackluster experience or an otherwise narrow purview of Facebook Ads. However, Boosted Posts are a great avenue for such individuals to get started, enabling them to utilize many of the channel’s advanced targeting capabilities–such as Interests, Fields of Study, Income Level and Job Titles– without the necessity of knowing all the ins and outs of Facebook Ads’ user interface. Ready to boost your first post? Follow these Facebook ads tips and tricks for boosted posts:screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-4-05-34-pm
Select the post you wish to promote and click “Boost Post” in the bottom-right corner to get started
This will open a lightbox window, wherein you can adjust the settings (e.g. the target audience, budget, and duration) of your boosted post.
screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-4-25-34-pmFirst, select the target audience you wish to reach. This can range from people who like your page (in addition to their friends, if you so choose) to custom audiences you have saved in Facebook (for useful tips on creating custom audiences, check out part one of my Custom Audience series “Improving Your Facebook PPC Results with Remarketing”) to people you can choose through targeting (e.g. interests, age, location and gender). Unless you have a saved audience in mind, or otherwise wish to only reach users who have liked your page (as well as their acquaintances), go ahead and select “People you choose through targeting” and hit the blue “edit” button to the right of this option.
Select your target age and gender (not shown) and proceed to selecting geographic locations. Note how on the city level of geo-targeting, you can adjust the radius of targeting by up to 50 miles.
Search for interests which you would like to target–I’ve selected “facebook advertising” as an example–and click “Save” to set your audience.
Next, enter your total budget and select a post duration of one, seven, or 14 days. If you have the Facebook Pixel implemented on your site and it’s configured appropriately (for more info, see “7 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Ad Performance“), then it will be a good idea to select your pixel here before boosting your post. Lastly, confirm the payment method you wish to use for this post, and you are finally ready to hit “Boost” in the lower right corner. That’s it!


Once boosted, you can view how many people your post has reached by finding the post in your newsfeed.


Once the boosted post has run its course, you can elect to boost it again if results are favorable. You can also drill down into the results, which can help you optimize your target audience for future boosted posts.

Knowing the approximate age and gender of the user base that is engaging the most with your post can help inform audience optimization for future use.

Knowing the approximate age and gender of the user base that is engaging the most with your post can help inform audience optimization for future use.

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Andrew croppedA graduate of the University of California, Andrew is our analytics and paid search team lead. He is both Google Analytics and AdWords certified. With an ROI-focused and problem-solving approach, he researches, plans, and manages our clients’ PPC campaigns.

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