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Digital PR: Three Major Trends in the Media

By July 25, 2014 No Comments

At Circa Interactive, we work with a wide array of university programs, and in order to create high quality links and media placements, we need to be aware of the most cutting edge conversations surrounding our programs to build an effective digital PR strategy and generate backlinks. In order to accomplish this goal, we scour the Internet and industry specific publications to keep an eye on the trends and narratives developing within our program’s community. This requires watching the media and the story lines for programs like computer science, information systems, coaching education, civil and electrical engineering, management, finance, and many more. As we monitor the changes in the major narratives, we look at the faculty in the program and think about how we can leverage them as experts. Below you will find a list of three major trends in the media we see on the cutting edge. It’s our job to see how the professors can add original ideas and commentary to the story lines.
What content or strategies are you utilizing to keep your university or degree program on the cutting edge?
The Internet of Things:

Concussions and CTE:

Mobile Marketing and Big Data:

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