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Creative Ways to Make Higher Education More Affordable [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The rising costs of colleges and universities can be one of the largest barriers to entry when applying to schools. For some, higher education isn’t even an option due to insufficient financial opportunities. However, there are several institutions attempting to cut expenses and reduce the costs of tuition through unconventional and creative methods. Promoting a lower tuition sticker price can be even more enticing than providing competitive financial aid. Students don’t usually find out how much they’ll receive in grants or scholarships until late in the game, sometimes weeks before they must decide where to enroll. Providing low costs up-front is becoming increasingly popular amongst the dramatic rise in tuition as of late.
Low-tuition practices aren’t the only way to save money while attending college. Students have a lot of power over their education nowadays thanks to options provided by a competitive education marketplace. Circa Interactive has researched the current state of college costs and the many creative ways in which institutions and students alike can choose to save money while pursuing a degree.
How Colleges can Save You Money
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