Inbound marketing is the new age marketer style of thinking. Traditionally, clients were drained by hounding them with calls and pestering them until you got a sale. Things have changed. Today, the new line of thought is that if you provide a client with value, they will appreciate it and do business with you thus returning your valuable investment. This is the essence of inbound marketing. Win customers over by providing tremendous value to them without asking for anything in return.

Inbound marketing has proven to be very effective in recent years. Consumers are tired of being hounded with sales calls and emails, and this is why call blockers and ad blocks are so popular today. They appreciate it if your business does not spam them with emails, and they appreciate the value you add to their lives with your product, which is why they return this value to you in form of their business. However, this strategy is not without its downsides. Sometimes potential clients will simply take the free service you offer them and never look back. In today’s online business landscape, it is increasingly difficult to convert leads to sales. Thus, there are several inbound marketing best practices which can help you maximize profits.

Identify Your Ideal Client

It is easy to waste time and energy running after one client that you may never close. You know it, they know it, and all the signs are there. Do not keep chasing after a client that is clearly never going to convert. Instead, study your clients and determine who your ideal client is. Who gives you the largest profit margins? Cater to this client. Exclude leads that are only there to attract fantasy clients who will never convert, and populate your lead pipeline with leads that attract your ideal clients who give you the largest profit margins.

Test Your Call to Action

You need to make sure that you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Take advantage of A/B testing and data surveys to figure out why and what works. Test out different strategies to improve your situation and figure out which one produces the best results.

Lead Nurturing

As stated before, inbound marketing is all about offering tremendous value to clients and gently nudging them to convert. The process of offering this value is called lead nurturing. This is such an important and essential step because it puts you in constant contact with your potential clients. Sometimes they may not be ready to buy, but that does not mean that they never will. You need to keep them on your radar and to be on theirs so that when they are ready to make a purchase, they immediately think of you.


You need to dive deeper into your SEO. Sure, you may have done your keyword research and found the right keywords to use, but you need to take things a notch higher. Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. What problems do they have? What common questions do your salespeople encounter on the field? What are your competitors doing differently to rank content higher than yours? Are they doing SEO only for their website or for their apps as well? Also, remember to stay up to date with the disruptive changes search engines make to keep your site ahead of the pack.


Personas are a big deal in Inbound Marketing. Your persona is how you get into your ideal buyer’s head. What resonates with them? How can you help them? How can you stand out? Everyone makes the claim that they are the best at what they do, or that they have the highest quality work or whatever. It is all noise if it cannot be proved. Can you prove what you claim? For example, if you have the best manufacturing process, demonstrate it in a video. Truly stand out and convince your persona that you really are what you say you are. Show don’t tell.


Content can make or break a website. In inbound marketing, your customers are looking to add some value to their lives, which is why they are seeking out your content. If your content sucks, then you lose. They have missed what they came to you for and therefore have no need to stay. You do not just need any content, you need awesome, relevant content.

Rilind Elezaj is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Rilind possesses a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has devoted his career to enhancing the sphere of digital marketing. In his methodological approach, Rilind integrates web development and other digital marketing solutions to create hybrid strategies that bring the best results.

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