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5 Ways to Refresh Your Content Marketing Campaign

By November 21, 2018 No Comments

If you have been running the same content marketing campaigns for over a year, you will likely have noticed that they are no longer yielding the same results.
Firstly, because these kinds of campaigns tend to soar in the initial months, and merely drift on a slow breeze as they flutter out; and secondly, because you can’t in all seriousness expect what worked a year ago to work just as well today.
Here to help you out are our five refreshing content marketing revamp ideas to jostle you out of your usual way of thinking, and take your campaigns a notch further.

Take a Look at Your Keywords

No matter how well thought-out and well researched the keywords you initially optimized your content for were, the internet has likely undergone a significant change since then. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can ever be over and done with this segment of your content marketing once and for all.
Trends emerge and shift, users start to look for different things, and they use different terms to find them. In order to keep up, you will need to do some additional research for your old posts, and re-optimize them for new search terms. That way, you will make sure that they can start to drive some additional traffic your way, without having to invest in fresh content.
Make a note of doing a keyword re-search every six months or so. Delve into both your Search Console and see what search terms are bringing traffic in, and use a third-party tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find other potentials. Then, refocus your content around these keywords, and see what happens. You might not always strike gold on the first try, but you will undoubtedly uncover some interesting avenues to pursue.

Delete Failing Content

Even though everyone is still hailing content as its royal majesty, you don’t have to be stuck on every article you have ever published. Just like a keyword tidy-up is recommended, so is a general once-over on all your marketable pages.
Are there a couple that drive no traffic at all? Do you have topics that you have since covered in a newer, better post? Can you redirect your useless content to its fresher cousins? Do you have outdated posts that are merely gathering dust?
You may feel that there is absolutely no harm in holding on to old and practically useless content. And you would be right, to an extent. But imagine if someone were to read this “bad” content, and decide you are not a source worthy of attention? Don’t forget, search engines evaluate all of your pages, including the sub-par ones.
You need to focus on content that works – rather than pieces that hold no value. Before you delete a page however, make sure you redirect any links or traffic coming in from them to better pages, so as not to lose anything from your spring cleaning project.

Optimize Posts with High Traffic but Low Conversions

Now that you have done all this browsing among your existing content, you will likely have come across a few pages that see a lot of traffic come in, but do nothing to convert it. It would be a shame to miss out on all that potential, so why not try and capture a few leads as they come in.
First of all, make sure that this traffic-driving page is pointing to the right internal pages in an obvious way. Do you mention one of your products or services? Are you also linking to them? If not, make sure to remedy this remiss.
Posts which see a surge in traffic are often not one bit promotional in nature. And while you should by no means turn such a post into a sales pitch, adding a crafty CTA to the bottom is the best way to get people to notice you.
A lot of internet surfers don’t even bother to browse the website they have landed on after they find what they were looking for. Your job is to delicately nudge them to explore more, be it with a “further reading” section, or a clever mention of one of your services or products.
If you can, stay clear of adding popups to attract attention – they are mostly found annoying and do not quite elicit the reaction you might have been hoping for. They are not also the favorite tool of search engines either, so try to direct attention by content and links on the page itself, rather than any additional attention grabbers.

Have Your Team to Blog for You

An out-of-the-box way to attract readers it to offer a unique take on a subject. A lot of content marketers will tell you that you need to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in order to make it in this online shark tank.
Whatever industry you operate in, you have already been blessed with these experts – your employees. Whether you get them to write about the process of coming up with a product, the best way to use a certain service, or a hack they have come up with while testing them, ask them to contribute.
You will be achieving two things with this new take on blogging: your customers will get to know the inner workings of your company just a bit better (making you more relatable) and you will be offering value no one else can match.
Don’t forget to promote these posts a bit differently – either on social media or through your newsletter, make sure to highlight them and outline their uniqueness, so as to get readers interested. And don’t forget to get the writer of said post involved as well – be it in the comments section or on social media.

Test a Risky Idea

Finally, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can try to implement a risky idea.
Every revolutionary marketing success is born out of a thousand poor ideas thrown around at a team meeting. We are not suggesting you to try something you know will clearly not work. But if you’ve come up with an idea for a post or a way to promote a product, but can’t find anyone who has done it before, or are even unsure how it might go down, test it.
Don’t pour buckets of money into a tactic that has an ambiguous return on investment. Take a few steps in your newly chosen direction, and see how it goes down. You might genuinely be on to something that will do wonders for your company.
This is especially true if you are looking to try a new marketing channel or a new way to distribute content, or even if you are looking to test a new audience. You will never know if they are interested if you don’t try.
Make sure the campaign is ethical though – you don’t want to be remembered for a social media faux pas, for example.
Content marketing is famous for reinventing itself every season. And the best way to stay abreast of all these changes is to try and come up with a few yourself. Don’t wrap yourself up in a cocoon of tried and tested tactics – dare to test the waters once in a while, and you will certainly both start enjoying your day-to-day more, and getting unexpected results.
Nikola Banicek is an internet marketing specialist at Point Visible content marketing agency. He’s a laid-back guy with experience in PPC, copywriting, and project planning. 

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