How Well Is Your Team Converting Leads into Students?


In higher education, inquiries fall into three funnels:


will not apply, no matter what occurs during the admissions process


will need to be guided by admissions representatives in order to make a decision


will apply, no matter what occurs during the admissions process

Considering that 60% of qualified inquiries will not apply without the guidance of an admissions team, who help keep prospects accountable and motivated, it’s vital that a communication strategy is in place and admissions representatives are  prepared to take the steps necessary to move qualified prospects down the admissions funnel. Ideally, once a lead is submitted your admissions team will jump into action, calling and emailing eager prospective students within the hour to learn more about them, why they are pursuing their degree and what motivates them. Unfortunately for most degree programs it’s not always this simple. Many lack the admissions personnel or know-how to effectively manage leads through each stage of the enrollment process, wasting valuable leads and throwing the ever-elusive budget dollars.

At Circa Interactive we’re not just marketing and lead generation experts; we also excel in admissions and educational recruiting. The Circa team understands how to facilitate effective enrollment management and successfully guide leads from prospect to student. Our consultative approach is focused on gaining a full understanding of what the student is truly looking for, why the want to degree and how it will help them.  Armed with this information, admissions representatives will possess the ability to confidently direct prospective students to the necessary next step and hold them accountable if they feel they are a good fit.

Our low-pressure admissions strategies will ensure that prospective students best interests are at hand and that the program is enrolling students who will be a good fit based on predetermined criteria. At the same time, our custom communication plans are persistent and thorough enough to ensure success enrolling the 60% of prospective students that need your admissions team’s help to take the next step.

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