Market Research & Testing

Research and Testing Are Vital Considerations When Launching a New Degree Program. Let Us Help.

Using Data to Make Informed Decisions

In an era when every political platform is focus grouped and the colors on a box of detergent are determined with feedback from thousands of buyers, colleges and universities have to test their offerings before making costly mistakes. In addition to testing the viability of online programs, Circa conducts extensive testing to ensure that marketing efforts are data driven, tested, and vetted with audiences.

A/B Testing

When creating program-specific landing pages—a fundamental requirement of a sound digital marketing strategy—we market test different designs to identify which resonates best with prospective students. Circa deploys A/B testing to determine which page performs best among a variety of metrics including click-through rates and time spent on the page.

Ad Copy & Messaging

In primary research with key stakeholders, we gather data that inform future messaging. For instance, while we know that cost is among the most important variables for prospective students, research shows that time to degree completion is nearly as important. Themes identified in focus groups are tested in online surveys and used to make our digital marketing more impactful.

What Does This Mean for You?

We use these findings to build social media campaigns, infographics, and banner advertisements that communicate the most important information as quickly as possible. Though we don’t work with Southern New Hampshire University, all of its television commercials note that it is a non-profit university—undoubtedly because market research identified this as a concern for prospective students. Similarly, we often specify “no GMAT required” in advertisements for our partners’ online MBA degrees. We also often note that financial aid and scholarships are available, or that there are no residency requirements for a given program because the market research has shown that this information is important.

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