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Driving traffic to your academic program descriptions is one thing, but generating leads and converting those leads into active enrollments is something else entirely. Your prospective students know what they are looking for in a degree program, but providing them with the right information, at the right time, is what helps to move them through the admission and enrollment process. The art of the conversion is where Circa Interactive truly shines. It’s all about presenting your target audience with the value proposition they expect from a higher education experience while motivating and incentivizing them to take the next step toward learning more. Creating audience personas and segmenting them based on their triggers can also prove to be fruitful as you can serve catered messaging via your ads and landing pages.

Our Conversion Process

Of course, as with all things digital, conversion optimization techniques and strategies continue to evolve over time. Circa Interactive incorporates established methodologies with new approaches to help increase interest and ROI.

This involves:

  • Multi-stage Lead Forms
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • Target Student Persona Creation
  • User Generated Testimonials
  • Conversion Incentives

We have improved the conversion rate for dozens of clients, with some experiencing upwards of a 300% increase. That is a huge boost to any student recruitment effort seeking maximum ROI. However, even a modest increase in conversion rates for pay per click traffic – from 4% to 7%, for example – can help to decrease your overall Cost per Lead (CPL) by over 50%.


How could you make use of those extra budget dollars?

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