Pulling Insights From Website Data

Who is visiting your website?


Without an analytics tool that can effectively measure how web visitors are interacting with your website, converting traffic into students can be extremely challenging. Web-traffic analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, are the only way to assess which online strategies are driving traffic, how users are interacting with your site, and what content is proving to be the most effective in generating leads. Circa Interactive helps our clients leverage available tools and established methodologies to generate the metrics required to make informed decisions.

From Ad Impression To Student

Delivering analytics and advertising data into your CRM can paint a clearer picture as to which advertisements are working, all the way down to the keyword level. Implementing this type of advanced tracking can help marketers further understand who their target students are, which in turn can aid in student persona creation and inform marketing decisions. Implementing this type of tracking helps to ensure that advertising budgets are spent as efficiently as possible.

Services include:

  • Implementation of site-wide tagging
  • Dashboard and report creation
  • Formulation of core metrics & KPI’s
  • URL parameter tagging for CRM integration
  • User friendly reports utilizing traffic and CRM data

Platforms We Are Familiar With:

*but we are agile enough to learn yours

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