Byline Article Case Study

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Project Overview

Through a careful and thoughtful interview process with participating professors, our team develops article topics and expert commentary ideas based around a professor’s academic interests and research concentrations. We research and pitch editors, bloggers, and journalists at major publications in order to create media opportunities and build backlinks from highly credible and industry-specific websites. These opportunities create buzz around the program and build brand awareness while further establishing the professors and the program as thought leaders and positively influencing SEO efforts.

The Challenge

Working with a faculty member with no media experience, our team had to find a way to leverage her expertise, build her credibility, and tap into a larger narrative. The faculty member wasn’t exactly sure where her expertise would fit in the media, so it was up to the Circa team to identify what made her unique and exploit those areas through highly targeted media pitches.

Our Solution

Through a series of interviews and extensive research, the Circa team helped highlight how this particular faculty member’s expertise could provide value to media outlets, and we secured a recurring byline opportunity with Psychology Today. This opportunity provided a respectable, niche platform for the faculty member to build her credibility, and soon after, she was asked to be on CBS Radio and quoted in The Guardian as an expert in her field. These byline and expert commentary efforts led to several high-quality backlinks (domain authority of 90+) and ultimately expanded the brand of the professor and program, reaching thousands of potential students.

Byline Efforts Resulted In:

Quality Backlinks

Through the recurring Psychology Today opportunity and the expert commentary opportunities that resulted from that effort, the degree program was able to generate dozens of high domain-authority links that helped influence search engine rankings.


Increased Brand Awareness

This key faculty member is now positioned as a thought leader in her industry, and her byline opportunities have helped the degree program reach their target audience in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Additional Website Traffic & Lead Flow

Through the high quality and relevant links generated through the byline and expert commentary opportunities, the degree program benefited from stronger search-engine ranking positions for key terms and phrases resulting in an increase in website traffic and program inquiries.

Additional backlinks and expert commentary opportunities created on:

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