The Higher Ed Marketing Journal (HEMJ) is committed to providing the higher education marketing community with advanced tips, advice, case studies, and analysis of all issues involved with the interactive marketing of Colleges and Universities.

In addition to general comments and perspective, readers can expect posts that encompass (to name a few):

  • Best practices in higher education marketing
  • The marketing of online Masters programs
  • Analytics and key-performance-indicators (KPIs) in higher education
  • Maximizing return-on-investment in higher education
  • Search engine optimization, paid search, and conversion optimization for higher education
  • Case studies and real life examples of challenges faced by higher education marketing professionals
  • Tools and tips for higher education professionals
  • Industry expert interviews
  • Industry news and analysis

Our goal is to help create a resource and active community for all higher education marketing professionals and those that are interested in the marketing of higher education. ¬†Whether you’re a Marketing Manager, Direct of Marketing, University President, or anything in-between, we look forward to interacting with you and sharing our knowledge and experiences.

The Higher Ed Marketing Journal is the official blog of Circa Interactive, higher education interactive marketing experts based out of San Diego, CA.