8 Key Interview Tips for Landing the Job

1. Research the Company It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many interviewees don’t do the necessary research on a prospective company before heading into an interview. One time in particular, I remember an applicant responding during the interview to a straightforward question with, “Sorry, I didn’t have time to take a look at the website beforehand.” Needless to say, she did not get the job. If you can’t take 15 minutes to do some basic background research on the company you’re trying to convince to hire you, it will become quickly evident that you don't want it badly enough. Doing Continue Reading

Become the Conversion Hero in Your Institution’s Marketing and Recruitment Story


The Secrets of Storytelling Webinar: June 19th, 11AM PST Enrollment numbers are dropping and there is a need for new, innovative strategies. Top-rated, highly esteemed institutions of higher learning – offering the latest cutting-edge programs and sharpest instructors — have never seen enrollment numbers this bad. Why is enrollment dropping? How come the tried-and-true tactics […]

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5 Social Media Stats on Demographic Targeting in 2018


Both social outreach and higher education are now more than ever about ensuring a best-fit match between students and a college or university. What works for one family or one type of student might not work as well for another. That is the overarching theme behind today’s social outreach. In other words, your branding strategy […]

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7 Tips To Revolutionize Your Cold Email Marketing Strategies


So, you’d like to boost your sales or generate new leads, but your opt-in email marketing strategies just aren’t cutting it. Somehow, you find yourself with a list of leads, or “prospects”, that you’d like to reach out to for the first time but aren’t sure how to build the right process to get them […]

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Tools and Tricks to Help with Your Link Building Campaign


SEO continues to be a driving force in the marketing world, and as it becomes more integrated in other marketing functions, new roles seem to be popping up everywhere–SEO Analyst, SEO Content Strategist, and SEO Outreach Coordinator are just a few of the new titles we’ve seen lately. Let’s narrow in on the SEO Content […]

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The Role of the Newspaper in Digital PR


The development of technology has driven some to believe the newspaper is outdated. However, newspapers, in all formats, still reach 69 percent of the total U.S. population in a month. With the takeover of Facebook, Twitter and copious ‘news’ sites, we are certainly getting our information in new ways, but with the abundance of “fake […]

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15 Higher Education Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018


Every day, universities and colleges are coming up with exciting, innovative courses for the millions of motivated students all over the world. The higher education space is being redefined by innovation in design, delivery and employability for many degree programs. Education experts have the resources they need to craft, test and rollout cutting edge online […]

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Understanding the Value of A/B Testing


What is A/B Testing? Have you ever wondered if a certain piece of content on your website is performing to its full potential? If the subject line on your email campaign is compelling enough to maximize open rates, or even if a button on your website is the best color to attract a user to […]

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Generation Z: 5 Tips for Engaging The Next Generation of Consumers


Just when brands feel that they’ve finally mastered the art of advertising to Millennials, up comes the next generation of consumers: Generation Z. Although sharing some similarities to the elder Millennials, Generation Z is far more savvy to brand intentions, meaning digital marketers will find themselves embarrassed if they try to implement Millennial advertising strategies for this younger generation. […]

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How to Successfully Utilize Brand Elements Within Creative Assets


Creative assets that successfully include the brand elements of a client can lead to improved overall success. Within higher education, a simple logo can be used on everything from print collateral to football jerseys. A graphic is much more impressionable than plain text and can be used in various sizes and transparencies. Brand elements from […]

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