Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks for Boosted Posts

  Getting started with advertising on Facebook can be intimidating--especially for those with lackluster experience or an otherwise narrow purview of Facebook Ads. However, Boosted Posts are a great avenue for such individuals to get started, enabling them to utilize many of the channel's advanced targeting capabilities--such as Interests, Fields of Study, Income Level and Job Titles-- without the necessity of knowing all the ins and outs of Facebook Ads' user interface. Ready to boost your first post? Follow these Facebook ads tips and tricks for boosted posts: Select the post you Continue Reading

21 Tips for Improved Facebook Page Engagement


You’ve already established an attractive Facebook following. Now you just have to funnel them to your website and landing page. But before you start begging your followers to click through, it’s important to create a well-rounded approach and connect with your audience so you can really make the most of your Facebook page. For the […]

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A Guide To Leveraging Reddit For Higher Education Marketers


It’s no secret that social media has become a staple for modern digital marketing, but many marketers often forget to add Reddit to the mix. For those still unaware of this platform, allow me to introduce you to the internet’s most influential users. Although some might wish to write the site off as “just another […]

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The Anatomy of a PR Pitch – How to Structure & Standardize Pitching Across Your Team


As any PR or communications professional knows, pitching is the single most important skill to possess. While there are various approaches and styles to this, it’s important to find a structure and style for pitching that has had proven success within your industry and then standardize that formula across your team. So how can you […]

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Part 1: On-Page SEO Tactics For Higher Education

On Page SEO for higher education marketing

Introduction You’ve built your links, promoted your infographics, finished up an epic outreach campaign, and even landed some new contributor accounts. These are all great off-page SEO tactics that have been proven to help your website’s rankings. But for some reason, you still can’t seem to land those page 1 rankings. What’s the issue? Your […]

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8 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Press Release


As I discussed in my previous article, press releases can be an extremely effective tool when you are looking to promote an event or news within higher education. The potential impact of a press release goes far beyond this though, and should be an essential part of your overall public relations strategy. As defined by Entrepreneur, […]

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3 Ways Higher Education Marketers Can Leverage the 2016 Presidential Election

voting image

We are one month from the first presidential debate, and the 2016 election has already proven itself to be one of the most digitally reported and discussed elections in the history of the United States. In fact, over the past 12 months, Americans have spent over 1,284 years reading Donald Trump related content on social […]

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How to Reach Prospective Students Through the New Instagram Stories Feature


Instagram has rapidly grown to nearly 500 million monthly users worldwide and is projected to continue its growth at a steady rate. With this many monthly users and roughly 55 percent of them being ages 18-29, Instagram is the platform that higher ed marketing experts should be targeting. The addition of Instagram’s new feature, Instagram stories, […]

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Need More Student Inquiries? Start Building Relationships

shaking hands 2

Relationships in digital marketing are rooted in effective communication and trust. Developing long-term relationships with university stakeholders, students and alumni, and a slew of media contacts are key to continued success in higher education internet marketing. By looking past individuals as clients or potential leads and taking the time to listen, explain, and ask questions, […]

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How Pokemon Go is Causing Digital Marketers to Experiment with Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go Image

Headline news this summer has been anything but stagnant. From political conventions to ISIS activity and a governmental coup, there are currently many powerful stories being told in the world. However, one trivial and unexpected memory from millennials’ childhood is commanding media attention in a way that would even catch M. Night Shyamalan off guard. […]

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