Creative Ways to Make Higher Education More Affordable [INFOGRAPHIC]

The rising costs of colleges and universities can be one of the largest barriers to entry when applying to schools. For some, higher education isn’t even an option due to insufficient financial opportunities. However, there are several institutions attempting to cut expenses and reduce the costs of tuition through unconventional and creative methods. Promoting a lower tuition sticker price can be even more enticing than providing competitive financial aid. Students don't usually find out how much they'll receive in grants or scholarships until late in the game, sometimes weeks before they must Continue Reading

4 Ways To Boost Your University’s Social Media Engagement

Boosting Social Media Image

It’s no secret that the race for social media success is on, but making sure your program has the edge to engage both current and prospective students does not have to be a guessing game. At any given moment, your prospective students are bombarded with an endless tsunami of online content demanding their attention; so […]

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Why a Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Approach is Crucial to Student Generation


In the current competitive climate of higher education, having a cohesive, comprehensive, and diversified marketing approach is essential in digital marketing. While each marketing avenue or strategy has its own unique method of accomplishing client end-goals of student enrollment, brand awareness, lead generation, and market research, it’s the combined effort of all of them working together that […]

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4 Tools to Discover the Best Content for Your University’s PR Strategy


My main goal as part of Circa Interactive’s Digital PR team is to find relevant and high level news pegs in order to secure media opportunities for our diverse spectrum of professors and programs. By creating opportunities that bring national exposure to our clients while also acquiring credible backlinks to program pages, we accomplish two important client goals: […]

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Understanding Demand For An Online Degree Program Through a Market Feasibility Study

Understanding Demand Image2

During the presidential debates, many candidates have decided to dedicate a substantial amount of their talking points to addressing the state of the higher education industry. While it is true that the percentage of Americans enrolling in postsecondary education has never been higher, the combination of inefficiencies within universities as well as slashed state and […]

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Five Reasons Why Setting Up Retargeting Is Essential for Your Higher Ed Marketing Strategy


Here is a scenario most higher education marketing professionals know too well: A prospective student visits your website or landing page, fails to convert into a lead for your admissions team and goes on their way. You’ve invested valuable budget dollars in SEO and PPC campaigns to attract quality prospects, only for them to leave […]

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4 Essentials for Innovation in Higher Education Digital Marketing


After graduating college, I left my home state of Iowa and traveled halfway across the country in search of something out West. What exactly – I wasn’t sure. The idea of “just finding a job” didn’t interest me, nor did the idea of saving money (rent is much cheaper in Iowa than California). Therefore, without […]

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Fred’s Favorite University Infographics – Health Edition

xocolate ATELIER

As a digital marketer working with dozens of universities across the United States, I help design, research, and distribute infographics across numerous industry niches. With goals of branding, increasing traffic, and SEO link building, infographics must be carefully crafted and well polished in order to be successful. Earlier this year I selected my four favorite […]

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How to Effectively Construct a Facebook Promoted Post


Ten years after it’s founding in 2005, Facebook could not have predicted its impact on the modern world. The company transformed our relationships, constructed a new media outlet, and altered the rules of traditional advertising. As organic reach declines and the platform becomes a global-majority stakeholder in digital paid advertising, competition in this lucrative marketplace […]

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A Higher Education Marketer’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization: Paid Social


Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become an indispensable resource for generating prospective students for higher education institutions; however, it isn’t the two-buck-per-acquisition solution it was when Facebook ads first rolled out. With social media marketing becoming increasingly competitive, how then does one make the case for ongoing (if not increased) investment? The answer is simple: Lower your […]

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